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Danica's Scribblings


Welcome to Danica's Scribblings, the home of all stories, poems, and pictures by DaniCa, a.k.a. me.

Take a look around, I don't bite.


Photo Album

The Photo Album is actually a scrapbook of sorts that ties in with my 'Sola Sum' series, which can be found to the side.

It's made by the original character, Ress, who is, in fact, based on ShadowRess, one of my dearest supporters in this business they call show.

Which doesn't actually fit this scenario.

Why am I still typing here?

Better yet, why are you still reading?


The Feedback page is my guestbook. Share what you think!


A collection of links to some of my favorite sites.


All my stories are on this page. Well, I don't have all of them up yet, but you know what I mean. They are arranged by series, with the part name after. Stand alones will have SA in front of the name.